Q-Free provides Cooperative ITS technology and expertise to a new connected and automated vehicle trial in Australia

Read the press release here.

The scope of the trial is to fit technology at an intersection in Melbourne with a high crash rate to detect the movements of all road users, and map and analyze all crashes and near misses. The data collected will be de-identified and used to tune the technology and establish how a wider roll out may work to make intersections safer across the road network.

“Q-Free has for long been at the centre of standardising and validating Cooperative ITS technology on a global scale and we’re very proud to provide our state-of-art technology to this exciting trial”, says Chris Myatt, Principle Solutions Engineer in Q-Free.  The trial is being undertaken by Omni-Aware, a consortium of specialist technology companies including Intelligent Transport Services, Transoptim Consulting and IBIS Computer, and is part of a set of trials under the $9 million Connected and Automated Vehicle Trial Grants Program.

The trials conducted this month at an off-road test facility confirmed the combination of the Omni-Aware technology and Q-Free’s interoperable C-ITS solution was able to detect a hazard in the intersection and alert the driver, all within five seconds of the hazard first appearing.  The speed and reliability of this detection and alert impressed attendees and featured prominently in news media coverage of the event where it was dubbed an instant alert.

“Thanks to dedicated employees, a leading-edge portfolio, forward-thinking customers and complementary collaboration partners, Q-Free Australia is now part of yet another project of high societal importance.”, says Silje Troseth, General Manager at Q-Free Australia. “Knowing that one third of lives lost and 44 per cent of serious injuries occur at intersections, this trial is a great example of how cities and governments make use of our technology to learn about traffic behavior, make better decisions and solve a pressing issue more efficiently.”  

Watch a clip from Nine news explaining this exciting project

Get more information by reading the media release here, or access the video through our General Manager in Australia, Silje Troseth’s twitter channel.