Q-Free positioned for C-ITS success

Repeated testing has proven the Q-Free Universal ITS Station lane-level positioning capabilities.

In tests carried out with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), the transport authority for News South Wales, Q-Free’s systems gave second-by-second positional information on heavy vehicles manoeuvring at intersections. They showed how Q-Free’s C-ITS systems can provide to-the-lane accuracy and open the way to future C-ITS applications where, for example, drivers need to be warned of oncoming vehicles turning into a side road in the face of oncoming traffic

“C-ITS has the potential to reduce road crashes by providing clear audible and visible warnings to drivers when they approach road hazards. But accurate vehicle positioning and knowledge of their intentions is going to be critical,” says Q-Free’s Chief Technologist, Knut Evensen.

“The presentation of the successful positioning results concluded Q-Free’s first commercial C-ITS order. We look forward to participating in further C-ITS trials in Australia, both with RMS and with other Australian roads authorities.”