Q-Free Intrada ALPR for .NET

We are pleased to announce that our multi-core programming interface for Q-Free Intrada ALPR for .NET is available for download on NuGet: We want to make the transition to, and integration of, a scalable ALPR solution as easy and risk-free as possible. Any developer can now access our API and documentation from Visual Studio or NuGet-enabled .NET development toolset. The .NET libraries have been tested and proven on a wide range of operating systems and architectures. To test and deploy the libraries, a free trial license can be requested on our website. Once you are ready to deploy, we have a license model that scales whatever the future brings.

Intrada ALPR provides accurate and consistent performance in over 150 countries and states worldwide. Q-Free Intrada is used in high speed free-flow and stop-and-go applications with COTS and high-end customized traffic cameras. Our customers have successfully integrated the Intrada ALPR engines on DSP’s, cloud-based traffic back-ends, desktop applications, and camera firmware. With over 20 years of ALPR experience and day-to-day development, maintenance and support we have your back in every turn your ALPR business takes you.

For more information, please contact Bart Jan Koning