The Iowa Department of Transportation has selected Q-Free’s OpenTMS software for a comprehensive overhaul of its statewide advanced traffic management system (ATMS). The move makes Iowa DOT among the first in the United States to move to an on-demand cloud computing platform boosting system redundancy, scalability, and reliability. The contract has a value of 22 MNOK. Deliveries will start in 2019 with most of the revenue impact in 2020.

OpenTMS is an off-the-shelf, cloud-enabled ATMS developed by Q-Free. It will monitor traffic data, manage connected ITS devices (e.g. traffic sensors, video cameras, dynamic message signs), and mitigate the mobility and safety impacts of unpredictable congestion.

-Congestion is a hazardous thing – posing safety threats and negatively impacting mobility and travel time reliability. By helping Iowa DOT better monitor and respond to adverse weather, road work, accidents, and other incidents we can help diminish those risks, says Morten Andersson, SVP Q-Free Americas.

For further information, please contact:

President & CEO, Håkon Volldal: +47 977 19 973

CFO, Tor Eirik Knutsen: +47 950 50 062

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