Q-Free announces successful ParQSense Pilot

The ParQSense Outdoor Sensors combine multiple sensing technologies which ensure maximum detection accuracy, and also have a topology based communication requirement vs. the quantity based requirement typically seen in the market today. With many global pilot projects already underway, global demand for implementation is ever increasing.

The J.J. MacKay Canada Limited (MacKay Meters) headquarters is one of the first pilot locations for the ParQSense Outdoor Sensors. A recognized world leader in the parking control business, they provide customers with innovative products utilizing the latest technology. Headquartered in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, MacKay Meters had tested various outdoor sensor products with the intention of finding the right sensor to be integrated into their smart meter offering.  Among their requirements for successful testing was a high detection accuracy with a goal of +98%, along with a minimal detection time. Additionally, durability and functionality during the colder winter period was also required.

Over the last five months, the Q-Free ParQSense Outdoor Sensors have proven excellent durability and functionality in the harsh and often variable Nova Scotia weather. Additionally, detection accuracy significantly exceeded the required 98%. One of the biggest concerns, minimal detection time with back-end occupancy status detection of less than 13 seconds, was also successfully addressed with status reporting of sometimes less than 4 seconds recorded.

“After being a part of the development for the ParQSense product line, it is great to finally see real world results and have those results meet our high expectations,” says Joseph Pajak, Global Technical Product Manager for Q-Free’s Service Line Parking. Jim Taylor Business Development Manager for MacKay Meters agrees, “The Q-Free ParQSense Outdoor Sensors had some of the most accurate readings that we have seen during a pilot project like this. The data was clean and accurate, while the hardware was supported in a very professional way from the day these sensors were installed. Needless to say, we were very pleased with the pilot test results.”

The ITS World Congress in Copenhagen September 17-21, 2018 will be the backdrop for the anticipated official commercial ParQSense Product Line release. A MacKay Meter recommendation already resulted in additional sales/pilot project opportunities, highlighting the increasing demand for a robust, highly accurate, and flexible outdoor monitoring systems and Q-Free’s ParQSense as the product line to best satisfy it.

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J.J. MacKay Canada Limited (MacKay Meters) is a recognized world leader in the parking control business. Incorporated in 1960, MacKay has gained global recognition by providing our customers with innovative products that are recognized as being on the leading edge of technology. Our single space parking meter products feature credit card acceptance, solar power recharged batteries, state-of-the-art electronic coin discrimination and “Smart Card” technology.

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