Q-Free acquires TDC Systems and strengthens its ATMS business

TDC Systems comprises TDC Systems Ltd in the UK and its sister company TDC Systems Pty in Australia, both of which are 100 percent owned by Founder and Managing Director Mark Phillips.

TDC Systems was established in 1998 in Weston-super-mare in North Somerset in England, and now counts 40 employees running a 24/7 global operation with customers in 50 countries from its main offices in the UK, Australia and Malaysia. The company generated revenues of GBP 4.7 million, EBITDA of GBP 0.8 million, and EBIT of GBP 0.7 million in 2013, and will be consolidated into the accounts of Q-Free with effect from the first quarter 2014.

The SPA is based on enterprise value, net of debt and cash. Q-Free will pay an initial consideration of GBP 5 million of which GBP 4 million in cash and GBP 1 million through issuance of 704 037 new shares in Q-Free at NOK 14,22 per share. Further consideration is tied to financial performance in 2014 and 2015. It is estimated to GBP 5 million, assuming significant revenue and earnings growth in both 2014 and 2015, and is capped to GBP 7.5 million. The earn-out component may comprise at least 50 percent cash and up to 50 percent new shares in Q-Free, payable in 2015 and 2016.

– The acquisition of TDC Systems is in line with our long-term strategy to build a strong position within Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS), which is a growth area complementing our current main business in the Road User Charging (RUC) market, says CEO Thomas Falck in Q-Free.

Q-Free expects to see significant growth in the ATMS market, given the benefits of new technology deployment in terms of traffic safety and traffic flow, pollution, and operating costs. The company in 2012 acquired the US based parking guidance company TCS International, which was followed up with the acquisitions of the Serbian traffic management company ELCOM and a strategic 10 percent investment in Intelight in the US in 2013. TDC Systems significantly broadens Q-Free’s ATMS portfolio.

TDC Systems is an industry leader in research, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), including advanced weigh-in-motion systems, traffic counters and classifiers, journey-time monitoring systems, air quality monitoring systems, and detection systems for pedestrians and cyclists.

-TDC Systems holds advanced technologies, products, and systems software solutions for highways, roads, bridges, tunnel management and urban areas that provide a natural extension of Q-Frees´s solutions portfolio. This gives us the opportunity to offer more traffic management solutions to our customers in international markets, says Falck.

For TDC Systems the acquisition implies significant increase in market reach, through Q-Free’s international operations and partnership network.

– Becoming a part of Q-Free will further strengthen our market leadership, and all employees are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to become part of a much larger international operation with a global network. The additional market exposure and availability of resources will contribute to further expansion of our business together with the rest of the Q-Free family, says Mark Phillips, Founder and Managing Director of TDC Systems.

In the longer-term, Q-Free expects that the markets for ATMS and Road User Charging will converge into a joint market for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – both technologically and commercially. Q-Free intends to play an important role in this market, and will continue to build its position through acquisitions as well as further development of its current businesses within this area.

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For further information, please see or contact:

CEO Tomas Falck, cell: +47 468 00 767

CFO Roar Østbø, cell: +47 932 45 175

About Q-Free:

Q-Free is a leading global supplier of products and solutions within Road User Charging and Advanced Transportation Management Systems. The company has approximately 300 employees with offices in 14 countries and presence on all continents. The company’s head office is in Trondheim, Norway. Q-Free is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker QFR.

About TDC Systems:

TDC Systems is a privately held industry leader in research, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The company has 40 employees with offices in the UK, Australia, and Malaysia and customers in 50 countries worldwide. The company’s head office is in Weston-super-mare in North Somerset in England.