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We love working with journalists to tell compelling stories about intelligent transportation systems and their impact on our global communities. Email us with questions, comments or story ideas.

Only media inquiries will receive a response.

+47 90 23 81 07

North America
(858) 800-2424 ext 701

Our brand & supporting assets

Q-Free logo

Q-Free Logo

Q-Free’s standard logo is red with a white border. The border can be dropped if it is to stand on a white background or if the logo is to be used on products in product branding.

The logo can be used horizontally only if the format requires it.

Q-Free colors

Our primary colors represent the warmth of the human spirit and technology, respectively.

“Brilliant Scarlet”
HEX EE3524
RGB 238, 53, 36
Pantone 485

“Vivid Cerulean”
RGB 40, 170, 225
Pantone 2995

Q-Free CEO, Håkon Volldal

Q-Free CEO Håkon Volldal
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