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Through sustainable traffic solutions, Q-Free assists regions, cities and neighborhoods across the world in improving the utilization and security of their traffic infrastructures, as well as shaping sustainable habits among people and communities. When the ITS World Congress kicks-off in a couple of weeks, we will demonstrate how we achieve this. Explore our “Connected Urban Bike Route Demonstration”, get up-to-date on the prestigious Storebælt bridge tolling project and fall in love with our amazing outdoor parking sensor.

1.  Explore our Connected Urban Bike Route Demonstration

Urban growth is putting increasing pressure on the environment and transport infrastructures, while at the same time people are longing for better mobility. To be able to travel in more efficient, convenient and sustainable ways, the world needs to move away from many independent and siloed systems and towards integrated solutions.  At Q-Free, we knowat a successful future for our cities lies in taking a holistic approach, therefore, we have designed our portfolio to be integrated and cooperative.  At this year’s ITS World Congress we welcome you to explore a demonstration on the future of transportation.

Through two bicycle routes, visitors will interact with five different Q-Free technologies and explore how our various products and third-party data can be merged into one customer experience through C-ITS. Both routes will make use of electric city bikes provided by the municipality of Copenhagen. The routes will be shown on tablets fixed to the bikes and users will travel from “A to B” with the help of visual and audio guidance.

2. Get up-to-date on the prestigious Storebælt bridge tolling project

Opened in 1998, the Storebælt Bridge, together with the Øresund Bridge, has transformed road access from Continental Europe to Northern Scandinavia. What was once a 60-minute ferry crossing, has now been reduced to a 15-minute car journey. The total numbers of vehicles crossing the Storebælt strait increased by 185 percent in the first year of operation alone.

This beautiful bridge will now improve and modernize its tolling system. Q-Free is proud to be selected as the provider of state-of-the-art video and supporting technologies which will increase capacity, improve the customer experience and reduce the cost of operation.

Come and hear more about Q-Free’s first appearance in the Danish road management sector and the plans around the NOK70m contract.

3. Fall in love with our new ParQSense Smart Sensor

We have all felt the panic of already running late and getting stuck in a traffic jam, and then the frustration when you just can’t find a parking space near where you should be. ParQSense Smart Sensor for outdoor parking is designed to help end-users find a space when they need it the most and allow operators to easily optimize valuable parking areas that are experiencing higher demand as cities are growing. Better parking efficiency is also reducing congestion and thus air pollution. At the ITS World Congress you will have the chance to explore the benefits of our sensor as well as the Q-Free HUB, a data hub enabling you to take your sensor data further through data collection, processing, storage and data provisioning.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Copenhagen. Stay tuned to the latest and greatest on the ITS World Congress and Q-Free’s offerings by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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