Our towns and cities have to balance providing mobility, with maintaining quality of life, in the form of reduced traffic congestion.

Q-Free Urban Traffic Management Solutions provide traffic and mobility management solutions for the urban environment, making it easier to balance the needs of many different types of travelers.

Based on common protocols and open standards. Highly future-proofed and scalable. Simple to deploy. Intelligent and inter-operable.

Q-Free – your partner in creating sustainable cities and implementing intelligent traffic solutions.

Our Urban solutions

Traffic Signal and Corridor Management

Manage signalized intersections to optimize traffic flow.

Connected Intersections (V2I)

Enable better decisions for drivers and automated cars.

Lane Closure Management

Automate coordination of work zone lane closures.

Our Urban products

ATC Controllers

Control signalized intersections for improved traffic flow.

ATC Cabinets

House a traffic controller and vital ITS and CV equipment.

ATC Modules

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Manage regional traffic signals and corridors.


Coordinate efficient local traffic signal operations.