Multi-Lane Free Flow Toll Collection – Great Belt Bridge, Denmark

In 2019, Q-Free delivered an upgrade to the tolling system at the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark, which greatly improved the traffic flow at the tolling lanes. Opened in 1998, the Great Belt Bridge crosses the strait between the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen.

Since its first day of operation, the bridge has included a tolling system, which allows electronic payment by a DSRC tag or manually using cash or a credit card. In all cases, vehicles are stopped by a barrier in the lane until payment is complete.

The bridge serves an average of 35000 vehicles per day, with peaks of up to 52 000. An upgrade of the bridge’s road tolling system was essential to cater to the increased traffic volumes and to speed up the flow and throughput. The operator at the Great Belt Bridge (A/S Storebælt) selected Q-Free to implement this upgrade and decided to retain barriers as a guarantee of payment. However, with the new Q-Free tolling system time spent waiting at the tolling station has been reduced and traffic flow has improved.

The capacity of the tolling system has increased by 50 percent, which comes from the Q-Free solution converting some manual lanes into Express Lanes and the successful implementation of the video-based Payby-Plate solution, which currently has 500 000 accounts. Today, 80 percent of all passages use the Express lanes.