MAXTIME rm ramp meter – North Carolina, USA

Agency utilizes acclaimed ramp meter solution to enhance freeway operations and driver safety.

Q-Free deployed the first four installations of MAXTIME rm ramp meter software in North Carolina to improve traffic flow along the heavily traveled northern arc of the I-540 in the Raleigh area.

Freeway congestion challenge

  • Reduce mainline congestion and overall delay.
  • Improve traffic flow along the heavily-traveled freeway.
  • Positively impact the safety of drivers and the environment.

The solution

Q-Free deployed its award-winning MAXTIME rm software on four freeway on-ramp locations along the northern arc of the I-540 in the Raleigh area. Ramp meters are traffic signals installed on freeway on-ramps to control the frequency at which vehicles enter the flow of traffic on the freeway.

The solution increased mobility through the freeway network and traffic throughput by breaking up platoons of vehicles entering the freeway and competing for the same limited gaps in traffic. This also helps reduce collisions and congestion while reducing emissions and improving air quality.

Download the case study below to explore the significant data-based results realized by the agency.