Kinetic Signals
Kinetic Signals

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Kinetic™ Signals

Powerful, forward-thinking central traffic signal management.

Unleash the power.

Monitor and control traffic signal and ITS operations in real-time using innovative, modern features such as:

  • Comprehensive intersection editor
  • Built-in ATSPMs
  • Interactive reporting
  • Detail-rich database management
  • API for third-party integration

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Built to last.

Signals is the first application to be released on our new Kinetic Mobility platform for improved reliability, scalability, and security.

Where most solutions force users to work in silos and restrict the integration of other manufacturers’ devices, Kinetic breaks down silos to facilitate collaboration among communities, regions, and vendors.

  • Improve regional traffic flow
  • Increase road safety
  • Reduce harmful carbon emissions
  • Implement holistic safety solutions

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