TZC-100 Zone Controller

In a single space parking guidance system all single space sensors are connected to and managed by the zone controller.

ParQSense Application Programming Interface (API)

The ParQSense API is a RESTful web service for fast and easy integration in your own applications. The API uses standard HTTP calls and methods and is therefore independent of platform and programming language.

ParQ Information Portal

The Q-Free ParQ Information Portal is a web application built upon the Q-Free HUB for monitoring and configuring parking sites equipped with Q-Free ParQSense Outdoor Parking Sensors.

ParQSense Base Station

The ParQSense Base Station is developed for outdoor sensor communication connects thousands of ParQSense Smart Sensors to the Q-Free HUB, the central ParQSense software engine.

Mobile Parking APP / APP Interface

Allows the users to view the available parking spaces within one or more parking facilities.

Wireless System Communication

Reduces the cost of cabling and installation associated with a traditional hard-wired Parking Guidance Solution (PGS)

Web Interface Module/API Tool

Stress-free parking for customers by allowing them to save time and plan parking in advance.

Visual Control Center PGS Software

The graphical user interface and communication service for all of Q-Free’s parking guidance systems.

USDS Ultrasonic Directional Sensor

Eliminate the need for saw-cutting groundwork.

Single Space Sensor

The sensor detects occupancy status through ultrasonic distance measurement.