C-ITS On-Board Unit (OBU)

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Sleek and sophisticated on-board unit (OBU) that connects vehicles to infrastructure (V2I) and creates a safer, more seamless driving experience for all.

  • Install with ease for pilot projects
  • Integrate with other apps and third-parties thanks to open standards interface
  • Connect to vehicle network via WiFi or Bluetooth 


Make your fleet of vehicles safer, smarter, and more connected with our simple, aerodynamic on-board unit. Designed to address the needs of connected vehicles, the C-ITS OBU supports a variety of vehicle safety and commercial applications.

It is quick and easy to set up a full end-to-end application involving roadside stations and personal stations (smartphones), all connected to central ITS stations running cloud services.

The C-ITS On-Board Unit supports the full V2X 5.9 Ghz protocol stack and message sets from ETSI, ISO, and IEEE.

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