Intrada® Insight

End-to-end video toll transaction processing

Maximize your video toll revenue

Vendor agnostic turnkey video based tolling software with lowest operational cost

Q-Free is raising the bar with Intrada® Insight by offering a new paradigm in video tolling systems to deliver unprecedented levels of performance. Intrada Insight provides an accurate, reliable, and predictable system that helps to avoid billing errors, leakage, and manual review loads, all of which are essential for smooth and cost efficient tolling operations.

Combining several automation techniques with business logic, manual review, and self-learning feedback loops, Insight delivers unprecedented predictability and reliability.

To boot, by reducing uncertainty for both automated and manually-processed images, our holistic approach saves millions in operational cost every year.

Low operational cost

operational cost

70-90% automation rates with ≥ 99.95% accuracy reduces uncertainty, billing errors, and leakage.

Actionable reporting


Real-time insight into traffic flow and toll usage, the cost and accuracy of manual image processing, and analytics to help improve overall system health.

Scalable performance


Accommodate toll projects of any size and scale with volume increases, intermittent backlogs, and road extensions.

Comparing Operational Costs

Operational expenses to identify customers is the primary cost driver for video based tolling. Intrada Insights improves this process and can save big. But how big? Download our white paper to learn how to calculate your savings.

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Trusted by leading toll agencies

Intrada Insight processes more than 2 billion daily transactions in the United States and Canada alone.

Complete image review solutions

The Intrada® product family delivers the most reliable hardware independent solution for automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) and vehicle analytics in the market today.

Intrada® Insight

End-to-end solution with unrivaled accuracy for video-based tolling and access control projects.

Intrada® ALPR

Identify vehicle license plates, make and model on any device.