The Prime Mover in Intelligent Traffic Solutions

Together, we create sustainable smart cities where
people, goods, and data travel safely and efficiently.

Meet Kinetic Corridors

Q-Free’s latest Kinetic Mobility module, Kinetic Corridors, is advanced software for automated, integrated corridor management. Unite ITS devices and traffic ecosystems with next-level control, flexibility, and automation in an easy-to-use, powerful UI.

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Spotlight on ALPR

Our industry-leading automatic license plate recognition technology is used in countless applications worldwide. Explore how our solutions are improving traffic flow, boosting operational efficiencies, expediting enforcement activities, and more.

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Partner with us

Collaborate with us to craft innovative solutions to drive mobility forward in smart, sustainable ways. Let’s build a legacy our children will be proud of.

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Our open approach to data

We believe in open standards. We also believe it’s the only path to unrestricted innovation and ultimately true smart cities.

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