HI-TRAC® CMU Cycle and Pedestrian Detection – Gold Coast, Australia

Support wider efforts to create more sustainable infrastructure and increase personal mobility across the city.

After implementing the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy with the clear goal of increasing walking and cycling, the need to effectively manage, plan, and track the performance of the program required a comprehensive range of data collection, which was provided by Q-Free’s HI-TRAC® CMU cycle and pedestrian detection solution.

Cycle and pedestrian detection challenge

  • Count bicycles and pedestrians on- and off-road across the Gold Coast with superior accuracy to track performance of Transport Strategy.

The solution

Q-Free’s HI-TRAC CMU solution was selected to provide reliable, highly-accurate cycle and pedestrian count and detection information. Equipment was installed in pillars and light poles and powered by both solar panel and battery. BL piezo sensors were installed in the path to count traffic types such as cycles, skateboards, mopeds, etc. All installed equipment is maintained by Q-Free Australia.

Data from each counter is uploaded via GPRS to Q-Free’s InfoQus HUB data hosting and reporting tool and provides real time access to the data as well as downloadable data.