Truck Tolling – Slovenia

DARS d.d. awarded the consortium Q-Free ASA and Telekom Slovenije the contract for the Truck Tolling System on highways and expressways in Slovenia. The system called DarsGo has reduced fuel consumption for heavy vehicles, and thus reduced CO2 and other air pollutants (NOx and PM2.5).

In the old toll system, the stopping and re-starting of vehicles at the toll station resulted in an increase in fuel consumption by an average of 0.65 liters per stop. In its first 9 months the new toll system reduced fuel consumption by 115,000 MWh or 414 TJ, which is 6% of the total fuel consumption of heavy vehicles in Slovenia.

There have also been significant savings in emissions ranging from 5 to 7% of total heavy vehicle emissions:

  • reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 29,986,000 kg
  • a reduction of 84,000 kg of nitrogen oxides (NOX gases)
  • reduction of particulate matter (PM2.5) by 1700 kg.