Way Finding

Help your customers find their way and their way back to you.

Q-Free has pioneered the use of Way Finding Systems in North America and continues to develop innovative new solutions to help both drivers and car park operators. Ideal for multiple lot/garage facilities, our Way Finding Solutions help reduce driver frustration and optimize space utilization.


In a typical Way Finding installation, occupancy status of multiple car parks is transmitted to a central location. Existing PARCS equipment or newly installed PGS sensors provide space availability communication to the central PGS server. This information is transmitted to strategically located roadway signs via various communication methods such as WI-FI, radio frequency, cellular, DSL, fiber optics, etc. In addition, to wireless communication, these roadway signs can be solar powered to eliminate power cabling costs as well.

All Q-Free Parking Guidance Solutions are highly customizable to fit any customer requirements and are configured wirelessly. Hardwired configurations are also available

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