Q-Free Back Office

Q-Free is one of the world’s leading suppliers of turnkey Road User Charging (RUC)/tolling systems. Since 1995, the company has delivered an extensive suite of software which is designed to support RUC systems’ operations. Q-Free’s back office solutions are currently running some of the world’s most prominent RUC operations, such as AutoPASS in Norway, Ascendi in Portugal and RMS’s RUC operations in Australia.

Q-Free’s Back Office solutions enable its customers to carry out their business processes in the most efficient manner. Any RUC operation has to comply with national law and regulations, local business practices and the purpose of the project itself (revenue collection, environmental protection, and so on). Q-Free’s Back Office solutions adapt seamlessly to all these conditions.

Q-Free’s Back Office system is implemented using three distinct basic software suites. The technical core is the Operational Back Office (OBO). This acts as the Back Office’s engine, ensuring that all technical aspects of the operation, such as data collection, subscriber identification, system control and system monitoring are working. The OBO is scalable and handles both small and large volumes (up to several million transactions per day) in a cost-effective manner.

The Commercial Back Office (CBO) takes care of the business-specific services of the Back Office system. CRM, Enforced Payment Procedures, Accounting, Inventory Management, Distribution, Reporting, Statistics and so on all utilize the data provided by the OBO to run customer-specific business processes. Q-Free’s focus is to obtain the highest-possible degree of automation in the business-specific processes, securing the lowest-possible operational cost. While Q-Free has a vast selection of applications for the CBO, these can also be provided by third-party suppliers. An example of this is integration of the Q-Free Back Office into an industrial-standard Electronic Road Pricing solution.

From the CBO, the Q-Free Back Office can be connected to a number of external services, such as Web services for end-users and apps for nomadic devices. Examples of such services would be self-service customer management via the Web or payment of road charges from non-registered users. Such services can easily be provided by third-party suppliers via well-defined interfaces to the Q-Free Back Office.

Q-Free’s Back Office solutions have for over 20 years been providing the company’s customers with the best tool with which to achieve the highest returns on investment on their RUC operations.