Q-Free has provided SkyToll, operator of Slovakia’s national electronic truck tolling scheme, with the central information and enforcement systems which sit at the heart of its operations.

SkyToll has a 13-year contract with NDS, Slovakia’s national highway company, to build and operate an electronic truck tolling system. In 2009, SkyToll signed a €50 million contract with Q-Free for the delivery of the central information and enforcement systems for this project. The go-live date was 1 January 2010.

Slovakia’s Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system is unique by international standards as in addition to highways and expressways the state-of-the-art satellite tolling technology also covers large sections of other major roads. The SkyToll ETC solution, based on a combination of satellite (GPS) and cellular (GSM) technology, provides maximum flexibility in order to accommodate future increases in the volume of freight transport and the extension of Road User Charging (RUC) across the road network in Slovakia.

There were two sub-projects: the central information system and enforcement

The central information system sub-project encompassed: software development and integration; creation of a database which interfaces with all the other systems, including external databases such as those of banks, the national vehicle register, and so on; provision of Web-based user interfaces for points of sale, call centers and a customer self-service portal; and an enforcement back office which handles incoming information from the roadside.

The enforcement sub-project included roll-out of roadside equipment for identification, declaration and verification of the On-Board Unit (OBU) in the user’s vehicle took place. This ensures that all eligible trucks have actually paid the toll. Equipment installed includes radio equipment for reading OBUs, cameras, lasers and so on. A combination of fixed, portable and mobile enforcement systems was supplied. For mobile enforcement, 40 vehicles were equipped with DSRC readers and cameras.