Portable Gantry in Oslo, Norway
Portable Gantry in Oslo, Norway

Portable Gantry – Oslo, Norway

Capital of Norway utilizes portable gantries to minimize revenue loss during equipment upgrades and road maintenance.

Since 1986, Q-Free and Norwegian Public Roads Administration have worked together to create a better experience for drivers in Norway through self-financing infrastructure initiatives. The addition of a durable, portable gantry provides a versatile and completely mobile electronic tolling solution.

Tolling challenge

  • Utilize portable gantry to achieve minimal revenue loss during equipment upgrades or road maintenance.

The solution

The NPRA project consisted of the replacement of an antiquated tolling system to a new multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) electronic tolling system with portable and fixed-pole rotable gantries and variable message signs (VMS) to charge and enforce tolling across the capital city of Oslo. The portable gantry has proven to be a major success for the administration because it has been the key solution used to achieve nearly zero revenue loss for the operator during equipment upgrades as well as road maintenance.