Downtown Santiago, Chile
Downtown Santiago, Chile

Electronic Multi-Lane Free Flow Tolling – Santiago, Chile

Electronic tolling on urban highways generates significant infrastructure revenue without impeding traffic flow.

Since 2010, Q-Free and Autopista Vespucio Norte have worked together to create a better experience for drivers in Santiago, Chile. In 2015, this partnership grew from solely supplying dedicated short range communication on board units to a complete technological upgrade of its pre-existing electronic tolling solution across its urban highways.

Tolling challenge

  • Outfit existing tolling gantries with new customized tolling sensors and equipment for rear picture toll enforcement
  • Implement and maintain new electronic tolling technology to continue automatic generation of significant infrastructure revenue

The solution

Autopista Vespucio Norte selected Q-Free’s electronic multi-lane free flow (MLFF) tolling solution to charge and enforce tolling in Santiago, Chile. The project consisted of the provision, assembly, and maintenance of 15 charging points with MLFF functionality across 54 lanes from Vespucio Norte and later added an additional 2 charging points in the San Cristóbal tunnel.

The roadside system installation consisted of a relatively new solution with only one gantry rather than the traditional three gantries. The complete system also included dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) technology and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras and software.