No more unauthorized vehicles entering the famous Warsteiner Brewery in Warstein Germany. OEM partner VMT Düssel installed camera surveillance on the entrance and exit lanes.

WPV_033l_frontal_neuThe famous Warsteiner Brewery was established in 1753 and has since then grown to Germany’s largest privately owned brewery. In order to take control of the supply trucks entering and leaving the premises, Warsteiner has installed automatic license plate recognition on the entry and exit lanes.

The video based access control system was delivered by the company VMT Düssel with their TrafficScan ALPR solution. Being OEM partner of Q-Free, VMT Düssel integrated Intrada ALPR into the video processing servers of the TrafficScan system. Video from the lane cameras is fed to the Intrada ALPR engine and the registration numbers found are returned for further handling in the process flow.

vmt_duessel_logoWith TrafficScan VMT Düssel can deliver ALPR for any access contol and security solution that required reliable identification and automatic handling. For more information about TrafficScan, please contact VMT Düssel directly. When you would like to know about how you can benefit from becoming an OEM partner of Q-Free yourself, please contact us here.