Digital Tachograph Verification – Poland

Human error is a major contributing factor to accidents on our roads. Accidents are less likely with alert and rested truck drivers. The digital tachograph has helped truck drivers to keep to the rules on driving-times and rest-periods for a decade, and in June 2019, the new EC legislation regarding the Smart Digital tachograph took effect.

For all new heavy vehicles and buses registered after this time, the tachograph has to be smart, meaning that it has a DSRC interface to download the encrypted tachograph data from trucks and buses.

Q-Free supplies this secure DSRC interface that allows national authorities to do qualified pre-screenings and enforcement of vehicles in breach with the system rules. The Q-Free readers are also a useful tool for garages that are certified to qualify and calibrate the

Smart Tachographs. Q-Free offers a fit- for purpose DSRC reader portfolio to both garages and authorities.

There are high volumes of heavy vehicle traffic through Eastern Europe. Through good cooperation between Q-Free and the Polish company MATT, a wide range of garages in Poland are now able to securely verify the Smart Tachographs in trucks that come in for periodic controls or general checks.

The secure and smart monitoring of drivers’ hours ensures that truck drivers adhere to the legal number of hours between rests, and exhausted drivers are kept off the roads.