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Our office in The Netherlands

Q-Free Netherlands B.V.

Beilen, The Netherlands

Eursing 2
9411 XC Beilen

The Netherlands

+31 593 542 055

+31 593 542 098

Dr. Marco Sinnema

Intrada Products and OEM Partners


Dr. ir. Jos A.G. Nijhuis

Intrada Projects Worldwide


James (Jim) Alves

Intrada Projects North America



Q-Free Netherlands B.V.

Q-Free Netherlands is one of the leading developers of advanced, real-time video analysis, classification and recognition software.

Q-Free Netherlands software is used in products for Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), transport management and traffic control, law enforcement, surveillance and parking management. We market our products worldwide by partnering with leading companies in the various market segments, working as a development partner for products which use recognition software.


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