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Q-Free Canada, Parking

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Q-Free Canada, Parking

Q-Free has operated in Canada since 1999 and is a leading developer and supplier of parking management solutions. The Ontario office is home to an R&D team which provides solutions that are deployed worldwide. The same office also manages and controls all contract manufacture of hardware components which takes place just outside Toronto. Real-time monitoring allows customers to provide information on available spaces and improve vehicle flow by reducing the high contribution made to urban congestion and pollution by drivers cruising around looking for somewhere to park. This increases both operator and customer satisfaction and has the added benefit of reducing a parking facility’s carbon footprint. Q-Free provides end-to-end solutions which monitor and facilitate car parking for all types of client including cities, transportation organizations, airports, hospitals, convention and shopping centers, casinos, colleges and large employers. Wireless and cashless operation as well as high degrees of automation are strong features of the parking management portfolio.