Experience the future of event management

October 8-9, 2024

Join us for an exclusive showcase of cutting-edge innovations to safely and efficiently move people during major events.

Each two-hour session will feature presentations and live product demos from leaders at Verizon, Cisco, Neutron Edge, and Q-Free.

What you’ll discover:

  • Connected Vehicle Technology: Reduce travel times and improve emergency response times at signals and ramp meters with advanced transit signal priority (TSP) and emergency vehicle preemption (EVP) systems.
  • Pedestrian Detection: Enhance safety with exclusive pedestrian services for high-volume areas.
  • Advanced Signal Control: Optimize traffic flow using advanced software solutions.
  • Cellular LTE & Edge Intelligence: Leverage router-embedded edge intelligence for real-time traffic management.
  • Centralized Command: Experience powerful centralized monitoring and control systems for operators and engineers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness firsthand how these innovations can revolutionize transportation management during events.

Event Details


October 8-9, 2024


Connected Roads Lab
13031 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90094
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