Our towns and cities have to balance providing mobility, which enables economic growth and social interaction, with maintaining quality of life, in the form of reduced traffic congestion, atmospheric pollution and noise.

A complex problem with many elements is compounded by ever-increasing levels of traffic. The technology solutions have to consider all elements and the widely differing needs of many different types of travelers. Q-Free provides traffic and mobility management solutions for the urban environment which are based on common protocols and open standards. The results are highly future-proofed, scalable and simple to deploy.

An open-architecture approach promotes faster, easier integration and interoperation with a very wide variety of detection, monitoring, control and information systems. These include in-ground sensors and vision systems, radar and laser detection systems, traffic controllers and signals, weather and air-quality monitoring systems, smart devices and in-vehicle systems, dynamic signage and the internet. Network operators gain a truly multimodal, centralized and optimized solution for integrated analysis, traffic management and decision-making.


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