Truck Parking

To help plan their journey and follow regulations more easily, truck drivers need information about truck parking. On roads with lots of heavy traffic over long distances, good systems for collecting and sharing truck parking information make for safer roads.

Our solutions for truck parking include both hardware and software that make it easy to monitor and manage parking availability and address the concerns of truck drivers in need of a place to rest.

Why choose our solution?

  • It’s resilient: Works and lasts in all kinds of weather
  • It’s simple: Minimal amounts of wiring
  • It’s insightful: Great reporting tools
  • It’s open: Share information with all shareholders
  • It’s interoperable: Works with all other solutions

About Truck Parking

To keep our roads safe, regulations require a certain amount of rest for truck drivers. The trucks carry big cargo loads and need to know – en route – where they can park. Imagine driving as far as you can within regulations and then reaching a truck parking facility that is filled to capacity. Operators also need systems for monitoring whether someone is overstaying. Hardware and software that address these needs go by the name Truck Parking solutions.

What our Truck Parking solutions have to offer

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