Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)

Traffic Management Centres (TMCs) form the heart of any road network, bringing together the applications and stakeholders involved in strategic management of not just roads but also related assets such as bridges and tunnels.

Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) solutions need to be able to interface with multiple platforms and other solutions, providing a data collection, analysis and distribution capability which enables effective real-time management across regions and even whole countries. Q-Free provides ATMS solutions which are scalable across multiple Traffic Management Centres and groups of stakeholders, and offer the highest degree of future-proofing in the face of increasing numbers of increasingly sophisticated applications.

OpenTMS, Q-Free’s off-the-shelf, cloud-enabled ATMS, is a platform-independent, extensible, ATMS solution built around an open, modular architecture. OpenTMS runs in a web browser and is designed to support the dynamic traffic management marketplace where configurability and customization is of primary concern as enterprise architectures, GIS and database technology, and ITS devices are continually evolving.



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