Managed Services

Q-Free offer a flexible set of options for providing a complete range of Managed Services, all directed toward addressing our customers core business needs. The Managed Services objective is to design a best in class combination of Base Technical Solution, Operational Model and Commercial Model – delivering optimum business value.

Q-Free Managed Services fully exploit the synergies of our world class RUC/ATMS technology & capabilities portfolio, our global reach & local offices in customer’s home markets, and our 30+ years industry experience base to tailor a service offering designed for each customer’s specific case.

At Q-Free we understand our Customers face many complex challenges:

  • Implementations of systems can be confronted with a variety of real world constraints: charging scheme legislation, legal frameworks, scheme objectives, interoperability issues, privacy and equitability concerns
  • Implementations must also choose among a variety of possible technological approaches & components: RFID, GNSS, ALPR, Open/Closed Protocols, Data Sensor types (AVC, WiM, NOx/SOx, Particulates), Data processing, Information provisioning

We recognise that every Customer will have a unique combination of these factors, influencing what constitutes an optimal total technical Solution for their specific case. Q-Free designs and supply Tailored Solutions (RUC/ATMS) for total best value outcomes based on the specific challenges facing a customer.

Q-Free has a commitment to our customers that goes beyond the initial installation and commissioning of such Tailored Solutions.

Q-Free Managed Services works with each customer case from the added perspective of how a managed service offering could be designed, in order to give a better total value proposition for the customer and allow it to focus on its core business.

A Q-Free managed service offering is composed of layering an Operational model and a Commercial Model on top of a base technical solution.

The Operational models Q-Free can offer span from traditional Service & Maintenance, more comprehensive Technical Operations, as well as staff based Commercial Operations. All service delivery is tied to business relevant, clearly defined, and independently verifiable Key Performance Indicators that form the basis of contractually binding SLAs.



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