Managed Service offerings

Q-Free Managed Services are highly flexible on commercial model structure, including pre-finance options, payment terms under service operation, and the exit-terms (ownership transfer) at contract termination.
Q-Free encourage all out customers to consider the potential improved total value proposition a Managed Services offering may bring, and a Service Offering option can be supplied for any sales case on request.

Examples of Q-Free Managed Service offerings include:

Image Based Vehicle Identification & Transaction Services

    • Customer Challenge: The customer, a Tolling agency, operated an existing system in ORT / MLFF mode. As with all such systems, there is a need for Image Based vehicle identification. Unfortunately for the customer, their existing Back-End solution for was not well suited to this task. It had very high costs to operate, poor automation, was subject to unpredictable processing backlogs and produced high rates of miss-identifications as well as revenue loss (unidentified transactions). Q-Free Managed Services provided a turn-key transaction processing solution for Image based Vehicle Identification, that was transparently integrated into the customers data systems. This Enhanced Image Processing (EIP) service comprised all data interface integration, best in class automatic image identification, full manual image review staffing, and needed scaling – all to deliver fully identified transactions with guaranteed low error rates under a fixed price per transaction commercial model.

Contract Take-Over Services

    • Customer Challenge: The customer, a RUC concessionaire, owned a complete RUC solution (Roadside & Back Office) that ran as a going concern. The system was however effectively End-Of-Lifed by its supplier, and subject to occasional operational performance issues. Q-Free Managed Services was able to structure a Contract Take-Over offer for the customer, in which the responsibility to ensure continuity of systems operation was assumed. For such cases a technical due diligence of the system is performed, where major risk elements are identified, and subsequently a technical Operations service take over designed. The customer secures an active technical operations provider, no production disruption, and possibilities for progressive system upgrades.

RUC Solutions as a Service

    • Customer Challenge: The customer, a traditional (non-RUC) transport service provider, was faced with a newly introduced government requirement mandating acceptance of DSRC OBU based payments. The customers core business is transport service provision, and developing in house competence to fulfil this requirement did not offer a clear ROI. Q-Free Managed Services was able to design a fully turn-key service offering for the customer, enabling compliance with the requirements, no up-front capital expenditure, integration toward existing systems, and risk controlled by clear SLA/KPIs.

Traffic Data as a Service

    • Customer Challenge: The customer, a city authority, was confronted with a need to acquire traffic and environmental data such that it could better serve its citizens with informed decisions, and additionally provide substantiation to the national government that actions to address environmental concerns were being effective. The customer did not see the cost of developing in-house competence in complex sensor / systems integration, and subsequent asset ownership as a viable path to obtain the data they desired. Q-Free Managed Services designed a Data as a Service service offering, in which the sensor selection, placement, deployment, system integration, management and data aggregation were bundled. The data types the customer desired, at a quality and update frequency they requested, was provided on an ongoing basis for a fixed monthly fee.
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