Infomobility involves the collection and accurate interpretation of data, and its effective and timely distribution.

Q-Free provides a range of data-gathering products, the back office data hosting, processing and distribution capabilities, and the customer facing products which deliver information. These provide effective solutions for traffic network management but are also highly relevant in Big Data, Smart City and emerging Mobility as a Service applications.

Information Distribution

Information from a wide variety of data sources has to be collated, processed and shared with many stakeholders. Q-Free’s suite of Infomobility products gather many of the data types necessary for effective operations and provide the means of distribution to travellers, whether at the roadside via variable message sign products or more widely via the internet and smart device applications. Q-Free also provides effective data gateways to external sources and organisations, such as travel information service providers and the emergency services, ensuring that data is utilised to the maximum extent.

Sustainability and innovation

All of Q-Free’s data-collection systems are designed to use sustainable power supplies such as low-voltage solar with the added support of wind generators where necessary. This allows customers to locate roadside equipment at key and often remote detection points without the need for mains power supplies and their associated costs. Q-Free’s innovative designs also feature integrated wireless connectivity via GPRS cellular data transfer or Bluetooth, allowing direct interfaces to smart phones. The result is a series of data collection solutions that offer very high levels of siting flexibility and autonomy.



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