Enhanced Image Processing – Intrada Insight

Enhanced Image Processing (EIP) provides tolling and enforcement operators with a completely self-contained system that is designed to be the most cost-efficient image-handling solution on the market. Q-Free offers EIP as both a technology solution and a service.

The Q-Free EIP system is aimed at customers who need to handle images as business-critical assets. It addresses the fact that as traffic volumes increase the operating environment becomes more complex.

The manual checking of images is costly and has quality issues associated with it, as error rates are variable and unpredictable because of the human factor. By offering guaranteed performance in terms of cost and errors, EIP helps customers to remove the element of unpredictability and control expenditure.

EIP is a turnkey system that integrates with customers’ existing camera and back office systems. It combines the strength of the market-leading Q-Free Intrada Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and VSR software with an intelligent workflow engine that is designed to provide operational excellence. Advanced reporting functionalities and a flexible business rule engine are built in.

Implementation of EIP is through a customized set-up to ensure compliance with applicable business rules and performance requirements.

EIP offers a unique combination of a high degree of automatic processing, low error rates, predictable costs and customer satisfaction. It can be implemented independent of existing infrastructure and is flexible enough to scale as requirements change.

Q-Free offers EIP System as a Service (SaaS) where guaranteed performance is agreed and controlled through a contractual relationship with each customer. As an alternative, EIP can be offered as a license with additional project services for implementation, maintenance service and support.


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