Data Hosting & Reporting

To support our customers in the retrieval, analysis and reporting of data, in particular where instantaneous information is key to supporting customer’s real-time operations, Q-Free provides options for data hosting and reporting services.


Customers with GPRS enabled systems can choose to have their data uploaded automatically to Q-Free’s instation. This is beneficial to customers who have limited or restricted IT resources and require access to instantaneous data.

The outstations are programmed with the IP and Port address as well as the necessary telecoms provider settings to make a secure connection via. The outstations also automatically transmit a status data packet that includes the up to date event monitoring data, vehicle-by-vehicle data memory size, battery and sensor fault diagnostics, time and date and last transmission details. This data is then automatically stored on the database and available to customers to access.


Data reporting is available in two ways. Customers whose data is directed to Q-Free’s instation can be further be provided with a secure web reporting service that allows them access on-line real-time and historic summaries for both our Journey-Time and Traffic Data Collection products.

A second option available is a full analysis and reporting service for customers who require to be provided with summary information rather than access to the web reporting service. This service can be developed in to bespoke reporting that suits customer’s specific requirements and can be provided in both tabular and graphical formats. Sample reports include – Classification summaries, Cycle and Pedestrian summaries and volumetric summaries.

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