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Amazon Distribution Centre – Tilbury, United Kingdom

The Amazon Distribution Centre at Tilbury, east of London, is one of the largest Amazon distribution centres in Europe.

Its parking facility consists of 1,800 parking spaces on three levels that operate on three shifts, 24/7, for Amazon Associates.

On behalf of Amazon, Q-Free was approached by McLaren Construction Ltd to provide a Parking Guidance System (PGS) to guide Amazon Associates to available parking for their shift, enabling precise start and end times while maintaining free vehicle movement within the car park.

  • Installation Highlights

    Ceiling-mounted Ultrasonic Directional Sensors (USDS) and in-ground induction loops providing guidance and counting.
    Guidance information displayed on Q-Free’s two external totems and four single VMS’s and a further two VMS’s inside the car park.
    All installations carried out and commissioned by Q-Free’s in-house team.
    The Q-Free wireless communication solution takes advantage of wireless mesh technology, allowing the sensors, loops and information signs to communicate through multiple pathways. This reduces the cost of cabling and installation associated with a traditional hard-wired PGS.
    Q-Free’s flexible and interchangeable PGS solution can be re-programmed to accommodate traditional space availability on each level or zone at any stage, if required.


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