• Robust, heavy-duty steel construction
  • Designed to ensure load distribution is maintained at all times
  • Four OIML R60 CIII-approved 10,000kg load cells


The WB40L Axle Weighbeam is a robust steel structure supported in each corner by a folded-’S’ load cell. These operate in tension and are mounted within a specially designed assembly (shoe). The platform itself sits in a sturdy steel pit frame which is set into a flat and level concrete apron (weigh lane).

The weighbeam structure presents a very rigid support to the vehicle axle; it is designed to weigh one axle at a time and has a loading capacity of 40 tonnes.

The weighbeam sits within a steel pit frame which is installed in a concrete weigh lane and is supported within this frame by two 25mm-thick load-bearing plates.

Although the load cell assembly is used in compression, the cell is mounted in a pendulum and operated in tension, thus ensuring the load point is always maintained through the centre axis of the cell even when the assembly (shoe) is subjected to considerable movement or misalignment. Each load cell has a 10,000kg capacity with a safe overload limit of 150 percent without losing calibration.

The load cells are of fully welded construction, sealed to IP68 and approved to OIML R60 C3.

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