VRE690 Video Registration

The Q-Free VRE690 Vehicle Registration Unit is specifically designed for single-gantry video tolling in single or multi-lane Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) installations.

  • All-in-one unit: flash, camera, video triggering and ALPR ƒ Vehicle tracking for single-gantry operation
  • Excellent performance in all weather conditions
  • Optimized for multi-lane free-flow/open road tolling


The Q-Free VRE690 Vehicle Registration Unit is designed for use in single-gantry installations. It offers excellent performance in both single and multi-lane configurations. The VRE690 is designed for Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and tracking of vehicles passing through the charging point.

High-resolution digital cameras with an integrated illumination source track vehicles as they pass through the single-gantry charging point, allowing the optimum combination of front and rear license plate information with other metadata from sensors such as On- Board Unit (OBU) readers and laser scanners.

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