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Ultrasonic Single-Space Sensor

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Highly reliable ultrasonic sensors detect individual parking space occupancy.

  • Leverage the most reliable technology in parking space monitoring
  • Communicate space status with brightly-colored LEDs
  • Save money on ongoing maintenance compared to camera-based systems


Get the highest accuracy vehicle counts for individual parking spaces with our ultrasonic sensor.

Mounted overhead at the end of a parking space, the sensors detect individual space occupancy. Embedded LED lights then illuminate in green (open) or red (occupied) to easily guide drivers to the nearest open space. Additional colored lights are available as well, which can be used to denote ADA/handicap or reserved spaces.

A proven alternative to camera-based parking guidance systems, Q-Free ultrasonic sensors have a rich history of success and a long product life. The rugged design can withstand any environment, including high heat, humidity, and dust. In addition, our sensors display green or red for each individual parking space verses many camera-based systems use one light for multiple spaces.

Use Q-Free ultrasonic sensors alone or in conjunction with our ultrasonic directional sensors (USDS) to monitor ADA/handicap, electric vehicle charging locations, or other reserved spaces.

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