Quartz Sensor


  • Accuracy: COST 323 A (5) and ASTM E1318-09 Type III
  • Robust and Easy to Install
  • Weighs all vehicles from Motorbikes to Heavy Goods Vehicles


A highly stable; accurate, Weigh-in-Motion sensor suitable for all applications: high speed WIM to COST 323 Class A(5) and ASTM E1318-09 Type III, medium speed pre-selection of overweight vehicles and toll plaza weighing.

Easy to install; the lane can be re-opened the same day, flush to the road surface and unobtrusive to the driver, reliable and virtually maintenance free.

Measures axle and wheel load (if required) and determines vehicle gross weight to high levels of accuracy.

The QFQ is insensitive to temperature changes.

Dynamic strip weighing sensor utilising piezo electric quartz crystal.

The Q-Free UK bespoke charge amplifier is integral to the HI-TRAC electronic system; additional fittings, cabling, etc., are not required.

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