Purchase Intrada License

You can purchase licenses of Intrada ALPR and Intrada Live locked by a USB dongle. Such Intrada licenses are available for Linux and Windows. Through the form below you can share your interest in puchasing Intrada Live or Intrada ALPR. In response, you will be contacted shortly by a Q-Free sales representative.

The package

When you purchase Intrada® ALPR, you will receive the following items in the software delivery package.

With the Intrada settings editor you can configure your product for the target environment
With the Intrada settings editor you can configure your product for the target environment
  • Libraries: The Intrada ALPR package contains the software libraries bought – that is, the bare Intrada module and for each supported country one or more country modules.
  • License: You will also receive a software license, unlocking the purchased functionality.
  • USB dongle: Hardware USB dongle to activate the license on a specific PC.
  • Visualizer: Before integrating Intrada ALPR within your own application, you can verify OCR performance and behaviour with regard to input images, using the Intrada ALPR Visualizer. This gives you insight into the various stages of the OCR process, from segmentation and binarization to the classification of the individual characters. It shows the registration number, the country of origin and the confidence level as returned by the Intrada ALPR library.
  • Intrada licenses are activated by a USB dongle.

    Settings editor: Graphical editor of the Intrada ALPR settings file, with visual feedback of a parameter configuration on the input images at hand.

  • Manuals: You will receive the Intrada ALPR reference and user manuals.
  • Code samples: We provide you with code samples to give you a head start on integrating Intrada ALPR into your own application.

Purchase Intrada license

Please fill in the contact form below to share your interest towards purchasing an Intrada license. We will shortly reach out to you after we receive your input. When looking for OEM integration we refer you to the Become OEM Partner page.

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Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions from FENIT, as established at the District Court in The Hague on June 3rd 2003, identification number 60/2003, apply to all of our deliveries. You can download a free copy of the document here