ParQSense Application Programming Interface (API)

The ParQSense API is a RESTful web service for fast and easy integration in your own applications. The API uses standard HTTP calls and methods and is therefore independent of platform and programming language.

  • RESTful API for easy integration, reliability and scalability
  • Platform and programming language independent
  • Secure authentication and data transfer
  • Flexible services for data retention and analysis
  • API tool for the ParQSense outdoor monitoring product line


Applications using the ParQSense API can run on any system with access to the internet. The public cloud architecture behind the API focuses strongly on easy scalability and extensibility to assure reliable, secure and fast data access and data transfer.

The API uses OAuth 2.0 with the Client Credentials authentication flow to keep your data save. Next to secure authentication, all communication with the API is through the encrypted HTTPS protocol, preventing unwanted access to your data.

The API offers a wide range of functions for accessing sensor data and configuring your parking sensors. Configuration of a parking location has been made easy with the API by offering various methods for defining areas, assigning sensors to parking spaces and organizing parking spaces in groups. For data analysis, the API offers direct access to statistical data to get insight in your parking process allowing you to optimize your revenues.

The API can be used for creating various applications as for example a city-wide solution for gathering occupancy and turnover data to analyse and improve existing and future infrastructure. The data can also be used for showing real time parking availability on signs, apps and web pages and many other applications.

For example, the Q-Free ParQ Parking Information Portal is built using the API.

The API comes with extended manuals with programming examples in diverse programming languages on how to use the API and the functions in the API. Q-Free can also offer personal support on your integration process.


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