ParQ Information Portal

The Q-Free ParQ Information Portal is a web application built upon the Q-Free HUB for monitoring and configuring parking sites equipped with Q-Free ParQSense Outdoor Parking Sensors.

  • Platform independent web interface
  • Easy parking site configuration
  • Live status and statistics in map view and dashboard
  • Easy creation of periodic statistical reports
  • User portal for the ParQSense product line


The ParQ Portal application can run on any device with a web browser internet access. Because the ParQ Information Portal is a web application, there is no need for maintaining local server hardware. Software updates, including security updates, are automatically rolled out. New features and developments to keep the application optimally secure are therefore always implemented as soon as they become available. Q-Free works with reliable parties for hosting the cloud services, privacy and security of stored data have highest priority.

The public cloud architecture of the underlying Q-Free HUB and the portal focuses strongly on easy scalability and extensibility to assure reliable, secure, and fast data access and transfer. Data is always stored in a redundant way optimizing data availability and minimizing the risk of data loss.

The Q-Free ParQ Information Portal offers an extensive configuration module which makes adding new parking locations or devices easy. Defining parking spaces and assigning sensors is efficient and intuitive. Parking spaces can be assigned to specific types and organized in groups to make statistical reporting fitting to any specific situation, such as a city-wide solution with on- and off-street parking, or a parking lot at an airport, office or shopping centre.

The monitoring module of the ParQ Information Portal offers a docile map view for a live status of parking locations next to dashboards for short and longer term statistics. Alarms can be set on configurable events triggering automated notification to operators through email or other messaging systems.

For extensive and longer term data analysis, the portal offers automated periodical reporting on statistical data to get insight in the parking process allowing the operator to make the smartest and most informed parking decisions.


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