OpenTMS Truck Parking Guidance Solution

The Truck Parking Guidance Solution (PGS), which integrates OpenTMS with the Q-Free parking technology, incorporates several novel features.


Most parking management solutions for rest areas merely count the numbers of vehicles passing in and out and offer no real management of the rest area facility beyond that. The Q-Free solution adds another level of sophistication. In-ground sensors monitor the length of stay within each parking space and transmit data back to the traffic management center (TMC), where operators can actively assess and manage the parking capacity as well as truck operations.

For example, a threshold can be configured in OpenTMS to generate alerts if a truck has been parked for an extended period of time. A freight hauler might be attempting to use a rest area as a storage location or the driver could be having a health issue.

When an occupant is parked beyond the occupancy duration limit, the PGS module will alert the operator of the situation. This notification may include the site name, duration information, and update time.

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