Become OEM Partner

When condering to integrate automatic license plate recogntion functionality into your own products, you may be interested in becoming OEM partner. With a solid bundled product and anticipated market/volumes in mind, we will together work towards a suitabale commercial model and technical integration. In the end with the same goal: bringing a commercially succesful product or feature to the market.


Many companies have already chosen to incorporate Intrada® ALPR into their products, fully benefitting from the high-performance Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Q-Free’s continuous maintenance program and, in the end, being able to supply reliable products themselves. Reasons for choosing Intrada ALPR for OEM integration are:


OEM partnership is available for the following products:

  • Intrada ALPR: Reading registration numbers from still images and individual frames.
  • Intrada Live: Reading registration numbers from live and recorded video.
Pricing Competive pricing, with flexibility in license fee models – matching the demands of the target market. Typically licenses are paid per camera, with a fee that is based on annual volumes.
Technical With an OEM agreement in place, we support you with exclusive partner-specific tuning and optimization for the bundled product and target application. This ranges from the type of acquisition hardware, processor, camera environment and purpose of the ALPR. You can count on our dedicated support to ensure you make the best impression possible towards your customers.
Maintenance All Intrada OEM licenses are also part of the Intrada Support and Maintenance Program. This means you will receive monthly or quarterly updates of any ALPR-generic or country-specific improvements. This is particularly helpful when shipping bundled products all over the world: new platestyles get issued and changed all the time – still, you never need to consider whether the modules are up-to-date. And when you run into issues anyway, they get fixed in a predefined timeframe.
Geographical World-wide coverage of country-specific ALPR: you never need to consider the ALPR when moving to new geographincal region. A full list of supported countries is available here.
Accuracy Benefit from world-leading recognition performance, as shown in numerous references in access control, law enforcement and tolling applications around the world. To get a feel of what the automatic license plate recogntion can do, we invite you to register for the free online demo

Become OEM Partner

Please fill in the contact form below to share your interest towards becoming an OEM partner. We will shortly reach out to you after we receive your input. When looking for purchasing individual Intrada licenses we refer you to the Purchase Intrada License page.