OBU615 DSRC Transponder

The Q-Free OBU615S is the most advanced universal On-Board Unit (OBU) of its kind.

  • Future-proof OBU with radio-frequency immunity to all Wi-Fi sources
  • New low-power technology with ultra-fast, state-of-the-art DSRC processing
  • Standard version (OBU615S) with seven-year lifetime


The Q-Free OBU615S is the most advanced universal On-Board Unit (OBU) of its kind. New signal discrimination technology enables an extended lifetime and immunity to Radio Frequency (RF) interference from the many kinds of Wi-Fi-enabled devices to be found in or around the vehicle.

With its compact form factor, the OBU615S is designed to blend unobtrusively into the interior of any vehicle. New low-power technology ensures the lowest-possible current draw while supporting the fastest-possible 5.8GHz CEN TC 278-compliant DSRC processing on the market.

The OBU615S is a new generation transponder from Q-Free. Combining more than twenty years of experience, proven technology and current state-of-the-art design it supports all current and future 5.8GHz CEN DSRC protocols. Typical applications are electronic tolling, congestion charging, automatic vehicle Identification (AVI), electronic registration identification (ERI), access control and parking applications.

The OBU615S is easily mounted and removed from the windscreen using a slide-in bracket, which additionally serves as a removal-detector.

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