ITS-950 ParQSense Base Station

The ITS-950 ParQSense Base Station is developed for outdoor sensor communication connecting up to 10,000 ITS- 420 ParQSense Standard Outdoor Sensors to the Q-Free HUB, the central ParQSense software engine.

  • Connecting up to 10,000 ITS ParQSense Standard Outdoor Sensors
    Central communication gateway
    Rugged design and easy installation
    Low voltage device


This universal controller functions as a transmitter, receiver and/or repeater. The number of connected sensors does not depend volume as typical in industry standard applications, but is determined by the topological conditional of a project location.

With its compact form factor, the ITS-950 ParQSense Base Station is designed to require minimal installation efforts. Power requirements are low-voltage with communication through various possible communication methods such as GSM/3G, Ethernet, RS-485, etc. depending on availability.

The ITS-950 ParQSense Base Station signifies the latest development in the Q-Free ITS portfolio bringing proven sensing and guidance technology to the off-street market. Typical applications include on/off-street/surface lot/truck parking, as well as Smart City initiatives in conjunction with the ITS-420 ParQSense Standard Outdoor Sensors.

The ITS-950 ParQSense Base Station can be installed on street lighting poles, building roof-tops/sides etc. Up to 10,000 sensors can communicate wirelessly to a single ITS-950 ParQSense Base Station. The cloud based Q-Free HUB is the central software engine for ParQSense monitoring projects. Access to the Q-Free HUB can be achieved through ParQ, a web-based user portal, or through the ParQSense API.


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