Intrada VSR

With Intrada Vehicle Signature Recognition (VSR) we at Q-Free deliver high-performance automated handling of images through fingerprinting technology.


With applications in various Road User Charging (RUC)/tolling and enforcement systems around the globe, Intrada VSR enables its users to dramatically reduce their operational costs for handling images and realize reliable identification systems based on video technology.

As traffic volumes increase, so also does the number of systems needed for their control. At the same time, video-based identification is being used in many more ways than was previously the case. Examples range from video tolling and autonomous speed enforcement to general traffic monitoring/measurement and other Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) applications.

These growing volumes impose a need for a higher rate of video handling automation. On the one hand, there is a need to keep the associated operational cost for manually reviewing under control and, on the other, to make sure the video sub-system is fit for purpose.

Q-Free offers a wide variety of solutions and technology that enables customers to optimize the automated image-handling process. The technology encompasses the reliable identification of vehicles in traffic video and is based on our world-class imaging software portfolio.


  • Fingerprinting

    Identification beyond ALPR
  • Cost reduction

    Halve your operational cost for handling images
  • Reliability

    Error rates below 0.001 percent
  • Integration

    Seamlessly integrates with Intrada Synergy




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