Intrada Live

Intrada Live is the Q-Free solution for Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) for continuous video.

Based on the accurate Intrada® ALPR engine and the reliable Q-Free tracking and triggering technology, Intrada Live reads live video streams and returns the registration number of any passing vehicle. With Intrada Live, Q-Free offers you the ability to integrate ALPR as an OEM component into your own access control and traffic management systems and facilitate the implementation of video triggering. With Intrada ALPR Live we deliver high performance live processing of video, with video-based detection of passing vehicles. Based on the proven Intrada ALPR engine this product can deliver extremely accurate automatic identification for countries all over the world.

  • Cost reduction

    No hardware trigger required
  • Increased throughput

    Automatic identification at entry/exit
  • Full automation

    Enabled by the extreme accuracy
  • Flexibility

    Connect to any IP camera type

Terms and Conditions

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